Monday, May 9, 2011


I think I ran into a hump or is it a lump (I feel like a lump right now sitting on the couch), where I am just lazy and unmotivated to do anything, even <gasp> cook!  Well actually the only thing I have been doing lately is hand quilting an incredibly large king size quilt that I started almost two weeks ago and now in the stage of hand quilting, but I'm almost done - maybe two more hours and I will be done! Woohoo!  It's so big that I can't properly spread the quilt completely out.  The quilt probably has eleven or twelve yards of fabric, not including the batting, just the front and back!  I had to go to my friend's, Evelyn, house and baste the quilt. I have to admit it, I am in love with it. It's colorful and so happy. I smile whenever I touch and look at it.

The fabric line is from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folk and it's voile cotton. I can't tell you how pleasurable and soft this fabric is. I wish I had enough to make a blouse.  The colors are just beautiful and it's buttery soft.  Sorry for the fuzziness of this pic.  I took this with my Windows 7 phone, the Samsung Focus.  Here they are laid out so I can reorganize and sew them together. They actually did not end up looking like the below pic.

I can't wait to show you the quilt when it is all finished. The binding fabric is all picked out, it just need to be cut and sew together. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it :)

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